Own Your Own Creativity provides public classes and workshops on creativity.

The basis of the programming comes from my ten years experience consulting to organizations on creativity and innovation, and on many decades’ personal and professional experience in the arts. In addition, I hold a Master of Science in Creativity Studies from the International Center on Studies in Creativity. This allows me to present practical and useful information, backed up by the latest in creativity research.

Amy Frazier headshotcreativity booksIn my consulting practice, I’ve worked with non-profit, government, education, and creative agencies in projects ranging from new idea generation, to strategic planning; leadership development to creatively embracing change.

The best part of this work has always been the moments of excitement that arise when people connect with their own creativity in a new way. Own Your Own Creativity is all about making this possible outside of the professional environment, where you can choose the journey that feels right for you. You get to set your own objectives, and apply what you discover to enriching your life in ways that speak to you.

I’d love to hear from you: what are you curious about? How would you most like to Own Your Own Creativity?