Working the Material

When you made your creative goals for the year, did you plan on dealing with a pandemic? Maybe you were one of the very wise ones among us, and you actually did see this coming. But for most of us, this is a real wrench in the works. There are so many ways in which

Making It

Making It What does it take to make it as a creative person in this world? You could say: talent, skill, luck, connections, a unique vision and voice. All of that is true. Also: persistence, courage, gumption and a belief in yourself. Also true. But to really answer the question, we need to hone in

Combination is the Key

Combination is the Key Can you imagine anything in nature materializing from nothing, from the ether, from thin air? It doesn’t happen, at least not this side of the Big Bang. Everything has its precursor, its progenitor. The same is true with creative ideas. If you want to go deeper on on this topic, sign

Paying Attention

Attention and Creativity Much has been recently said about the importance of focus and awareness for improving the quality of our work, and our life in general. You can find a variety of books, articles and TED talks devoted to the topic. Regarding the importance of attention to creativity in particular, there are a couple
creativity includes novelty

What’s New?

This quality of newness is an essential aspect of creativity. It may be the newness of something you experience; or it could be a startling new idea that comes to you in your imagination. Regardless, the importance of newness to creativity can't be overstated.

What’s a Good Idea Worth?

What’s a good idea worth? While we certainly can look to the great variety of paradigm-shifting innovations of our technological age and point to the profitability of the companies that sprung up around various ideas, or that served as their laboratory and incubator, this is not a sufficient answer, nor is it a truly fulfilling

It’s “Just” Your Imagination

When you hear the expression “it’s just your imagination,” what comes to mind? If it’s along the lines of considering imagination as something somewhat immature and merely fantastical, take care: you’re seriously undervaluing one of the most powerful functions of our minds. Imagination is more than child’s “make believe.” It’s the ability to see or
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