Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching

One of the most challenging aspects of living out our creativity is found in how we relate to ourselves as creative people. Fears, judgements, uncertainties, memories, ambitions, success, failure, envy, environment, relationships — you name it! There are many different obstacles that can arise.  I know — I’ve been there!

Having support to help identify creative goals, uncover stumbling blocks, and reaffirm your innate creative capability can be very useful and life-enhancing. And it can also relieve the pressure and help you move forward with your creative aspirations.

If you’re interested in exploring greater freedom and clarity around your creativity, consider the support of a Creativity Coach. I’ve studied under Eric Maisel, one of the field’s pioneers. I also have a Master of Science in Creativity Studies, and seen my share of creative highs and lows through my years as professional actor, as a writer and as an entrepreneur. So I know a bit about how creativity works.

To learn more about creativity coaching and how it can benefit you, please reach out to me directly at amy (at) stagesofpresence (dot) com. (That’s a normal email address; I’m attempting to screen out the bots!)

Here’s to your healthy and happy creating!