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My name is Amy Frazier and I’m a Creativity Coach.

One of the most challenging aspects of living out our creativity is found in how we relate to ourselves as creative people. Fears, judgements, uncertainties, memories, ambitions, success, failure, envy, environment, relationships — you name it! There are many different obstacles that can arise.  I know — I’ve been there!

I spent 20 years as a professional actor. I knew a lot about acting, but I didn’t know beans about my creativity. I know for a fact I would have been a more successful actor if I’d known then what I know now: about who I am as a creative person; about how creativity works; and about how to choose the right market, or the right context, for my work. These things are essential in order to be empowered in our creativity.

Maybe this resonates with you. Maybe you’re struggling with feeling like you’re not living out your creativity to its fullest; maybe your creative performance is suffering; or perhaps you have some part of your creative life that feels off-kilter. Or maybe you’ve simply never felt that you’ve ever tapped into that essential, magnificent part of yourself.

I can help.

My passion and my dedication is to support you in finding that golden key that opens the door to your next step in understanding how creatively powerful you truly are.

I’ve studied under Eric Maisel, a pioneer in the field of Creativity Coaching. I also have a Master of Science in Creativity Studies, have consulted to corporations across sectors on how to improve and support creativity, and have seen my share of creative highs and lows through my years as professional actor, as a writer and as an entrepreneur. Through all of this, I’ve learned a bit about how creativity works.

My job is to listen deeply to you and offer my experience and expertise as a trusted guide on your journey.

To learn more about creativity coaching and how it can benefit you, feel free to schedule a 30 minute Creative Breakthrough Call. I make room in my calendar each month for these calls. There is no charge for the call. You can find my calendar below.

To your creativity!


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