Programs and Events

Jump Start Your Creativity

Do you have a project languishing on the shelf? A desire to initiate something new? Maybe you’re just wanting to feel more directly connected to your own creativity.

If you’re like many people, perhaps the creative possibilities seem vague or overwhelming — or you have good ideas but sometimes fail to follow through.

This workshop is a day-long immersion in the creative process, with the goal of helping you envision, develop and begin to plan how to express your creativity. You’ll gain a deeper awareness of the different phases of the creative process, and apply this awareness to setting clear intentions and plans — and solutions for overcoming the inevitable obstacles that arise.

$350 – next session Fall 2019 – Seattle, WA

Introductory Session

During the introductory sessions, we explore some fundamental aspects of how creativity operates at the individual level, and debunk myths and misconceptions along the way. If you’re interested in a creative kick start, or are curious about some of the factors that influence your creativity, please join us. You’ll come away with new insights and some immediate actions you can take to support your unique creativity.

90 min webinar – next session Fall 2019

Life Purpose Bootcamp

How’s your life coming along these days? Do you feel you have too much to do, but are somehow starving for a sense of real meaningfulness in the midst of it all? Imagine learning a set of skills to help you cleave through the confusion and distraction, to better understand what a meaningful life looks like for you.

This is what you’ll find in the Life Purpose Boot Camp, a six-week course to reframe how you look at meaning and purpose, and give you tools to shape your life so you can experience more of both. Like any “boot camp,” expect some (inner) workouts, along with the real possibility of transformation.

We will work with Eric Maisel’s book The Life Purpose Boot Camp: The 8-Week Breakthrough Plan for Creating a Meaningful Life, which I’ve been certified by Eric Maisel to instruct.

6 weeks $595 – next session Fall 2019, Seattle, WA